History of the Malibu Coast American Viticultural Area

The first known Malibu Coast vineyard was planted in the early 1800’s by a Spanish General Jose Bartolome Tapia in the area known today as Serra Retreat. By the mid 1800’s Matthew Keller had purchased the Rancho Topanga Malibu Sequit and planted hundreds of acres of wine grapes in Solstice Canyon which he named the Rising Sun Vineyard. Today there are more than fifty vineyards along the Malibu Coast producing world-class wines.

The Malibu Coast soil conditions and climate are perfect for growing premium wine grapes. This wine collection represents an expanding selection of locally grown and locally produced wines.

Malibu Coast Wines are winning awards and gaining International recognition for their uniqueness and quality. We hope you enjoy drinking our wines and support our local Malibu Coast vintners.